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2016 Runner-Up

We are proud to be the runner up for the KCRA’s best Vietnamese restaurant in Sacramento and we thank our guests for the unbelievable amount of love and support!

We are dishin’ with Tina!

Check out the video of our restaurant on “Dishin’ with Tina” – CBS’s Good Day Sacramento.

Mints Euro Asian Cuisine

, established in 1998, is the leading Asian restaurant located in Rancho Cordova. We have served Rancho Cordova and a greater Sacramento area with authentic and fusion-style Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese Asian foods. We focus our efforts on quality foods, affordable price, clean facility, and friendly yet courteous services to differentiate ourselves among Asian restaurants in Sacramento. Come and visit us today and experience the difference!

Although Asian cuisine has been around for thousands of years, its diversity has only recently begun to be fully appreciated in the West. Until now, Vietnamese cuisine has been one of Asia’s best kept culinary secrets.

During the occupations of Indochina by the Chinese and French, Vietnamese cuisine adapted culinary influences from a variety of cultures. Yet it has managed to maintain a unique culinary experience all its own.

Vietnamese chefs pride themselves on the light, refreshing, healthy qualities of their foods: simmered and steamed dishes are among the most popular while oil and cornstarch-laden sauces are virtually unseen. Vietnamese chefs desire to create dishes that are as fat-free as possible so they use vegetable oil instead of lard for frying. Stir-fried dishes are prepared with an absolute minimum of oil.

Vietnamese foods are, therefore, well-suited to the health and diet-conscious diner. Vietnamese cuisine further sets itself apart from other Asian countries in its extensive use of fresh leaves and herbs.